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CryPixels community

Procedural Sprite Generator

Recent updates

Version 1.1.0 now available
This update adds additional support for opening .crypix files, clipboard support for exporting sprites and new generation options to force specific colours. Enh...
4 files
Update on 1.1.0 development
It looks like 1.0.0 is stable enough that we can skip a patch release and start the busy work for 1.1.0. We have listened to the features requested, and happy t...
Version 1.0.0 now available
This update adds downloadable demos and introduces additional options for 1-bit mode. Additions Add option to set additional body colour when generating 1-bit s...
4 files
Version 0.4.2 now available
This patch fixes some issues and introduces Bulk Export options. Additions Add 'Bulk Export' panel Add option to export all generated sprites to a .zip file Add...
2 files
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