Version 1.3 launch

This update adds several new milestone features and will serve as the Steam launch version.


  • Accent colour feature to 1-bit mode
  • Flood-fill brush, works like the paint bucket tool in other programs
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the different views 'Split', 'Grid' and 'Output'
  • Documentation now accessible from the welcome screen
  • New icon to match the logo rebrand


  • Changed MacOS combination shortcut keys from using 'ctrl' to using 'cmd' key for improved compatibility with system shortcut combinations
  • Moved the 'Pan' shortcut next to 'Center Grid',  and moved 'Clear Grid' into 'Grid Tools/Setup'
  • 'Pan' keyboard shortcut is now hold while using, and returns to previous brush when released

Bug Fixes

  • Blank sprites from being outputted when using a sparsely populated generation grid

You can download the new files and replace your old version, for automatic updates use the app.


CryPixels-1.3.0-Mac.dmg 80 MB
Apr 17, 2020 53 MB
Apr 17, 2020
CryPixels-1.3.0-Win-Installer.exe 37 MB
Apr 17, 2020

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this is really cool im really confused on how it works tho, mind giving the basic idea behind it, like very high level so we cant steal it?

The original idea came from the open source algorithm I have re-written the code and added several features. I hope in the future to release the generation code as open source, enabling people to generate sprites at runtime from .crypix grids. This will enable the community to contribute and use the code for free (.crypix grids can be written by hand using JSON), or purchase the CryPixels editor if they wish.

Very cool thank you!