Version 1.1 now available

This update adds additional support for opening .crypix files, clipboard support for exporting sprites and new generation options to force specific colours.


  • Option when generating sprites to force specific colours, 3 colours can be selected which will be cycled through in order when needed for colour variations
  • When right clicking sprites you can now 'Copy to Clipboard' in the context menu with options for 1x or scaled
  • Allow Mac users to open .crypix files using Finder or by dragging files to the dock icon
  • Allow Windows users to open .crypix files using File Explorer
  • Improved welcome screen with additional information

Bug Fixes

  • Fix rare bug that causes shortcut keys not to work when using the re-generate shortcut multiple times while a sprite is selected
  • Add warning when loading grid from 'grid tools' panel that unsaved data will be lost
  • Fix crash when dragging a file onto the apps window using Finder or File Explorer

You can download the new files and replace your old version, for automatic updates use the app.

Files 69 MB
Feb 15, 2018 53 MB
Feb 15, 2018 69 MB
Feb 15, 2018 53 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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