Update on v1.1 development

It looks like 1.0.0 is stable enough that we can skip a patch release and start the busy work for 1.1.0.

We have listened to the features requested, and happy to show off the new feature to restrict colors to a set palette when not using 1-bit mode. We have decided to add the option to be able to force up-to 3 selectable colors, so when using color variations it will cycle through the colors in order. We have also disabled 'saturation' and 'base brightness' when forcing colors as these options become redundant.

This will enable users the option to keep consistent style between multiple sprites and tilemap tiles generated, and more importantly no more sifting through red and blue trees!

We want to make this software the best it can be, so please let us know any features you'd like to see or any bugs you've found.

All the best, TomC

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