Version 0.4.2 now available

This patch fixes some issues and introduces Bulk Export options.


  • Add 'Bulk Export' panel
  • Add option to export all generated sprites to a .zip file
  • Add option to set bulk export file name and separator style between the file name and sprite number
  • Add 'Load Example' selector to the start screen so user's don't need to download the separate example-grids file


  • Change 'Reset Software' button in toolbar footer to 'Reload Software'


  • Fixed input fields resetting if still focused when hovering the generation grid
  • Fixed grid brush would paint without mouse-down after outputting sprite using context menu

You can download the new files and replace your old version, for automatic updates use the app.

Files 69 MB
Dec 20, 2017 53 MB
Dec 20, 2017

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